Ælfcynnes Galdorsang

from by Misthelm

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Hie inlaðiaþ
Lyftfætes líhtung líxan
Áwreccende eall wilde déor
Hwonne deorcung cumaþ
Þá ieldran árísaþ
Fram leornunge déope
Meos in hira feax
Æfter micel mamor

Ælfcynnes galdorsang
Gehíered in þone holt
Dynende in þá denu
Fram fám to firgenbeorg
Ælfcynnes galdorsang
Ieldest rýnlic léoð
Ymen to oferhyrned god
Wegléastes fæder

Hie gadriaþ in ácbearo
Langlíf wudufolc
In híwbeorhtan hacelan
And gréne leafenscós
Ælfcyning stændþ on middan
He hæfþ þone holt geweald
Déope his drýcræft
Onginþ wyrcan

Ælfsang in ǽcenholt
Æðelu drylic hit betelleþ
Léohtfléogan manig
Fléotaþ wel hwǽr

Eall sint glædmód
In ástyrred niht
Se holt sint líffæst
And wundorlic
Se langfære mandréam
Sint néah æt his ende
Morgen sint néar and néar
Dægrima becymþ

They invite
Moonlight to shine
Awakening every wild beast
When twilight comes
The elders arise
From deep study
Moss in their hair
After great heavy sleep

Elfkind’s incantation
Heard in the woods
Resounding in the valley
From mountain to sea
Elfkind's incantation
Oldest mystic song
A hymn to great-horned god
Father of wilderness

They gather in the oak-grove
Long-lived wood-people
In beautiful cloaks
And green leaf-shoes
The elf-king stands in the midst
He has the forest power
Solemnly his wizardry
Begins to work

The elf-song in oak-woods
Mystic origin it shows
Many fireflies
Float everywhere

All are joyous
In the starry night
The woods are full of life
And wonderous
The long-lasting revelry
Is nearly at its end
The morning is nearer and nearer
Dawn comes.


from Yrfeweardes Langung, released June 29, 2010




Misthelm Toronto, Ontario

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