Cristallicu Lacu (Calor Diman)

from by Misthelm

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Ábitweonum twa beorgas, fyrlen on norþan
Dweorgcynnes Cristallicu Lacu
User godcund gafolmanung, fram ealddagas
Bufan his ýðláf ic ádréogde án niht syndrige

Ic hámsiþie gebryidan min scimriende gyldenbéag
Æfter manig gearrim álifde mid seolfren galdre
Twá blæcheort adweledon min folc
Se lacu wille fordemeþ hwam sceal foreweseþ

We ábídaþ dómfæstnes on se winn
Ic and min gehata and siex witan

Fram lacu up ásceoteþ þing ælfsciene
Se draca glæterung feðerberende
Galende heo aris
Neotende hǽwen brynewylm heo sceadþ

Blæcfexede beswican misfengas áwrecende
Hígendlíce we faraþ to æscstede
Ymbwendan yfeles anginn
We sindon geceosen æt Cristallicu Lacu

Calor Diman
Dómærn dweorgcyninges
Calor Diman
Se mere dierne
Calor Diman
Beholen in beorgas
Calor Diman
þærin dyneþ dracan sang

Between two mountains, far to the north
Dwarfkind's Crystal Lake
Our sacred place of tribute, from ancient times
On its shores I spent a night alone

I return to take my shining crown
After many years at the side of the silver mage
Two, black-hearted, led my folk astray
The lake will decide who shall rule

We await judgement in the meadow
I and my foe and six witnesses

From the water comes a thing of pure beauty
The dragon with shimmering wings
Crying it rises
With blue flames it decides

The black-haired deceiver's crimes punished
Swiftly now we go to the battleground
To avert evil's attack
We are blessed by the Crystal Lake

Calor Diman
Dwarf-kings' judgement-place
Calor Diman
The secret pool
Calor Diman
Hidden in the hills
Calor Diman
Therein resounds the dragon's song


from Yrfeweardes Langung, released June 29, 2010




Misthelm Toronto, Ontario

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