Úhtflogan Swefn

from by Misthelm

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He eode weg bufan
Eorðes hrycgbánes
Þurh ýstig dagas
Hit ferede him æt beorgcleofa
For ieldu he nóm
Láre fram þá godas
On land hwæt ænlice biþ
In úhtflogan swefn

Se stíg, þá rúnes
His behealdan
Se drýlic sundorcræft
Lang tíd he slæpede
Nu he awaceþ
Forgelædan us in sigorweorc!

He fundode wealdan
Stormes þracu
Mones líxend,
Steorres fýr
Ámang bealdra
Of ealddagas
He leornode
Gewealdan him scíre

Geástiged on his bucca
He hámsíðede
His éagas hæfdon
Niwe bléo
Feorr ac líffæst
He wæs gesíene
Læppa áwuneþ
In þone úhtflogan swefn

The path, the secrets
His to behold
The magical power
A long time he slept
Now he awakens
To lead us in battle!

He went a path upon
Earth's spine
Through stormy days
It lead him to a mountain cave
For an age he
Walked with the gods
In a land what only is
In a dragon's dream

He strove to master
Storm's fury
Moon's shining
Star's fire
Among heroes
Of olden days
He learned
To wield them mightily

Upon his stag
He returned home
His eyes had
A new appearance
Distant but vigourous
He seemed
A part remains
In the dragon's dream


from Yrfeweardes Langung, released June 29, 2010




Misthelm Toronto, Ontario

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