Scipfareld æt Godawíc

from by Misthelm

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Earfoþnes ætfealde user cynn þrie géarfæcu ymbe
Foranlencten cumaþ, min scipfæreldtid sint nu
Mid min mægþwinas, ic áweg gewíte
We willaþ besécan se godas æt hira geat

Þa éastréamas lædaþ us þurh landas
Gefǽlsiende dena, wealdas and boldas
Swiþu streamfaru bireþ us arodlíce
Lungre we becumaþ to hwælweg

Sealte flódas ábrasliaþ wiþ draclic stefna
Sunne læreþ us ongean uncúð landas
Særof, we aþoliaþ se wind and brimwulfas
Cancettende wægþrea oferhygdlice, dyslice

Grimme yst onsigt us hraðe
áwrecan user gehlǽg
Lyft sweorcan, gyte dreosaþ
We gewegaþ wiþ se ystes byrstende

Efne fif geoferfared niht, áwreccan æt giestig ýðláf.

"Campiaþ forþ, stylen gebróðor!
We habbaþ na cost, na gefærende cýðð
Nebbiaþ þá fáh bufan feldland
Hwa gealgiaþ stíg æt yfemestham

Pæððaþ duna, pæððaþ æwyll
Þis wegleast sceal na hremmeþ us
Gegelǽraþ eower gefére
For intingan him we faraþ

'Næfre lætaþ,’ þis we gecweþdon
Déadian is user ænig ládung
ádilegaþ méðnes and láð
Fyrlen beorgas us gebecniaþ!"

Ac efne án gegelibbed.

Ic geæfne þurh snáwiig wind
Pæððende lang norðfirgenbeorgas
On fremde land of ealdgesegen
Ongean hie æt symbelhus

Ic eom hrawerig, min strangnes licgþ
Ic híere min cynn bryrdaþ me forþ
Ic gefolgie se goldbeorht heall
Bufan his grad, syndrig cwele ic

Innan se sele, ic áwreccie
Min ieldran geymbsittaþ me
Ætníehstan ic gegenered min cynn
And earnod min foreseld in ealdor

Affliction befell our people three seasons ago
Early spring comes, my voyage-time is now
Accompanied by my friends, I depart
We wish to beseech the gods at their door

The rivers take us through lands
Passing through valleys, forests and cities
Strong current takes us far
Soon we are out to sea

Briny water crashes against the dragonlike prow
The sun leads us towards unknown lands
Bravely, we face the wind and the sea-beasts
Mocking the sea's danger arrogantly, foolishly

A fierce storm comes upon us quickly
To punish our derision
The sky turns black, heavy rain falls
We battle the storm's raging

Only five survived the night, to awaken on a strange shore.

"Battle forth, steel brothers
We have no choice, no going home
Face these foes upon the plain
Who guard the path to highest home

Over the hills, over the streams
This wilderness will not stop us
Think of your family
For their sake we journey

'Never give up,' this we agreed
To die is our only excuse
Forget weariness and pain
Distant mountains beckon us!"

But only one survived.

I carry on through snowy wind
Traversing the northern mountains
In an unknown land of legends
Towards them in the hall

I am weary, my strength fails
I hear my brothers urge me on
I come upon the golden hall
Upon its steps, alone I die.

Within the hall I awake
Surrounded by my ancestors
At last, I saved my kin
And earned my place in eternity


from Yrfeweardes Langung, released June 29, 2010




Misthelm Toronto, Ontario

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