Wídlást Rúnere

from by Misthelm

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Hræfnas wæcc
Min wegléastgang
Pæððende beorg and holt
Ic gemete ǽrsceaft
Forwyrd geneosed
Hit géardagum
Isengrægmann berende
Blæc hacele ætíeweþ

Ámang regn gefeteþ
Ic ápinsie hira wyrd
'Hwær foron hie,'
Ic cweðe léohtlíce
'Sitt mid me,'
Sprect se wóriend
'Gif þu wilt
Hiere hira saga.'

He áreccþ inwitspell of
Hild gefohten ærhwílum
Æt undéadlic land
Wiþ fyrstig entcynn

Æt niht lyft hlúttreþ
We líhtaþ fyr
He gief medu tó me
And we up ábregdaþ cuppan
Hálettende steorres
And hie gebúende þærinne
His án éage beorhteþ
In hira líhtung

Ravens watch while
I make my wilderness journey
Traversing hill and forest
I come across an ancient building
Ruin visited
It a long time ago
A grey man wearing
A black cloak appears

While rain falls
I ponder their fate
'Where went they,'
I say quietly
'Sit with me,'
Says the vagabond
'If you would
Hear their story.'

He tells a tale of
A battle fought long ago
By the immortal lands
Against frosty giant-kind

At night the sky clears
We light a fire
He gives mead to me
And we raise our cups
Hailing the stars
And those dwelling there
His one eye shines
In their light


from Yrfeweardes Langung, released June 29, 2010




Misthelm Toronto, Ontario

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