Wearp and Owef

from by Misthelm

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He wæs geboren swican fram se webwyrhta
Aglæc, yfel and angsumnes he gebewyrced
Nu wyrd gebǽdeþ us hilde dǽlan
We willaþ ágiefaþ ǽghwá sige niman

Se woruldwebb of hefeld unárímedlic
Na osas mótaþ wiðerbrociaþ þæt
User gewilnesa, user dream
User hryras, user endas
Woruldes wearp and ówef

He sceal syndreþ bróðor fram bróðor
He sceal syndreþ fréod fram heorte
He sceal syndreþ sunu fram fæder
Ac æsctír geáneþ eall!

Þá forlǽtu we willaþ cnawaþ
Hwonne we lácaþ wiþ se tóbregdende
Se ilfetu swært and þá ylfes deorc
Se wulf hwa wille ácenneþ woruldende

He was born to rebel against the weaver
Misery, evil and suffering he created
Now fate forces us to fight
We will give up everything to win victory

The world-tapestry of threads innumerable
Not even the gods may oppose it
Our desires, our joy
Our defeats, our deaths
The world's warp and weft

He shall tear brother from brother
He shall tear peace from the heart
He shall tear son from father
But war unites all!

The losses we will know
When we fight with the Unraveller
The black swan and the Svart Alfar
The wolf who would bring about the world's end


from Yrfeweardes Langung, released June 29, 2010




Misthelm Toronto, Ontario

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